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      Today is January 2 and most New Year’s resolutions are in full swing with high optimism and zeal.  Glancing at the news headlines, they were full of health related topics, typically all geared...
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    • 9 hours ago
      Although I am not a presenter at the Southwest Liturgical Conference, I was invited by the organizing committee to share a spot in their booth.  My thanks to the staff and volunteers of St...
  • January 30th  Safe ENVIRONMENT training

  • Congratulations! OUtstanding volunteer for the first quarter of 2018...

    Phillip John Paul Balland is the Cathedral of St. Mary's Parish Outstanding Volunteer for the First Quarter of 2018. Using his special artistic ability in woodworking Phil constructed and installed the crosses on the end of each pew when the Cathedral was restored. On the back of each cross are the names of both clerics and parishioners of the Cathedral which are not visible. Phil also constructed and installed a 13' by 13' cross in St. Mary's School atrium. Phil was presented a Certificate of Appreciation along with a St. Philip medal and prayer card indicating the saint that Phil so eloquently illustrates with his voluntary work for our parish and school. If interested in nominating someone for the Outstanding Volunteer Award or are interested in volunteering, please contact the parish office.