Adult Faith Formation & Family

Christian Initiation (RCIA)

A faith journey for adults seeking conversion to the Cathlic Church. Catechists support participants through prayer, instruction, faith sharing and more. The informal beginning is designed for the individual to "inquire" about the Catholic faith and as the process progresses, the commitment to become Catholic is realized through Baptism (if necessary), Confirmation, and Communion. Learn more about our RCIA program >>>

Marriage Preparation

Married parishioners with a strong marriage, and a solid faith life mentor engaged couples. Couples share "God's Plan" and "Life Skills" for a joy-filled marriage, addressing fundamental issues. Training for mentors is provided. Learn more about our Marriage Preparation program here >>>

Continuing Adult Education

Adult Bible Study/Faith Studies

Opportunities for adult bible/faith studies are offered throughout the year and are ever evolving. This includes book studies, DVD programs and much more. Please watch the bulletin, our facebook page or our webpage for specific details.

Baptism Preparation



BAPTISM PREPARATION: of infants or children under the age of seven years of age.
St. Mary's and Holy Trinity parishes share equally in this particular baptism preparation program. There are three steps that parents need to complete prior to the baptism of their infant or young child.

First, call or make a personal visit to your parish
Call or make a personal visit to the parish office to register your child for baptism and update parish records. You will sign up for baptism preparation classes at the same time. We have two classes for baptism. Parents and first time Godparents must attend both classes prior to having their child baptized.

Session I
The topics for the first class include: Sign, Symbol and Sacrament; Death and New Life. A brief overview of all seven sacraments will be given with emphasis on the first, namely, baptism. The evening ends with an explanation of the Rite of Baptism.

Session II
The second class reflects on: Christian Parenting and Family Spirituality. It will also afford you the opportunity to reflect on your own faith journey, to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have, and share your hopes for your child's faith development. Resources will be available for your use.


Baptism is a sacrament of welcome into the community of Jesus Christ.

Parents select the Godparents to help ensure the child's religious upbringing. The selection of a Godparent is viewed as an honor and a sign of esteem for a family member or a close friend.

The Godparent is seen as the official representative of the Catholic Christian Community into which the child is being baptized. So the Godparent needs to be a strong Christian, witnessing to a life based on the values of Jesus Christ.

The Godparents are called to:
1) act as loving support to the parents who have made the decision to baptize their child
2) be role models of Christian living
3) are members of the Catholic Church
a. be active in the local parish so they are able to assist the parents in being fully welcomed and active in the parish community
b. if married, the marriage is valid in the Catholic Church
4) be mature enough to undertake this responsibility (age 16 is considered the norm)
5) have received all three (3) Sacraments of Initiation.
a. Baptism
b. Confirmation
c. Eucharist
6) only one Godparent is needed. If two Godparents are present (or one Godparent and one Christian Witness), they are to be male and female.

The question arises: can I be a Godparent if I belong to a different faith community? You can certainly act as a "Christian Witness" for the child. But since the child is being baptized into the Catholic Christian community, it makes more sense to have a sponsor who is committed to that very community and its beliefs. The title "Godparent" is reserved for an active Catholic who has received the three Sacraments of Initiation.

The Godparents and "Christian Witnesses" have a special role in the baptismal ceremony. The priest or deacon questions them directly about their willingness and readiness to support the faith journey of the child and of the family celebrating Baptism. Often the Godparents assist with the lighting of the baptismal candle and placing of the symbolic white garment on the child.

Baptism is a life-long process, not an instant transformation. Baptism marks the beginning of a process of growing in relationship to God through membership in the Christian community.

May the Holy Spirit bless you and give you the grace to fulfill this commitment.

As a rule, the baptism of infants and children is celebrated in the parish where the parents are registered. After you have attended the sessions, please contact your parish to schedule the baptism.

St. Mary's Parish— (307) 635-9261
Holy Trinity Parish—(307) 632-5872 / 632-0434

Being a Catholic Young Adult in today's world can be a challenge! Living our faith can be counter cultural and can be downright hard. With modern technology, you would think that young adults in in their late teens, 20's and 30's would be some of the most connected people out there but often times "social media" can be overwhelming and leave you feeling disconnected. In an effort to help young adults connect within the local community, because just finding other busy young adults can be a challenge, we have some opportunities listed below and we are opened to other suggestions. Feel free to contact Nate at 757 7766 or with any questions.

3rd Thursdays at the Cathedral

Young Adults! Feeling disconnected from other Catholic Young Adults? Well, get connected every 3rd Thursday at the Cathedral! Each month we will gather at 5:45 or just after Adoration, Reconciliation, and the 5:15 Thursday Mass for a potluck dinner in the Basement of Hartmann Hall. The goal is to provide a forum for young adults to connect, form small discipleship groups and help each other grow in their faith. This is open to all young adults regardless of current vocation (single, married, or parent). There are things for children to do at the venue so feel free to bring the kids. 

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The Cathedral of St Mary Youth and Young Adult Ministries has a Facebook Page where we post events and pictures from recent activities.

Join the Cheyenne Catholic Young Adult Meetup!

This is a great way for young adults in our community to organize "meetups", spread the word about them , and evangelize in the process. This platform allows organizers to create events and advertise them to a broad audience. People can then RSVP or buy tickets if needed so the organizer can plan accordingly. Please click here to join the Meetup and see what is going on. If you would like to organize an event please contact Nate at 757 7766 or