Contact and Directions

Cathedral: 2107 Capitol Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001
Parish Office: 100 W 21st St., Cheyenne WY 82001
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Phone: 307.635.9261 / Fax: 307.635.5723
Snow Policy: The parish office will be closed and all other events, except mass, will be canceled whenever LCSD #1 is closed due to inclement weather


Ministry Directory -

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    Thursdays 11:00 am-5:00 pm                       Pete/Susan Aldana     307-421-9484

Adult Confirmation                                            Parish Office     307-635-9261

Adult Education                                                 Parish Office     307-635-9261

Altar Servers                                                     Fr. Augustine     307-635-9261

Baptism Prep                                                    Susan Simon     307-635-9261

Bible Study—Wednesday afternoons              Carma Corra     307-637-4586

Bishop’s Guild—Second Thursday                  Theresa Ward     307-637-3700

Bulletin Editor                                                   Toni Schaefer     307-635-9261

Cathedral Guild—St. Rose Circle

    Third Wednesday                                        Pat Johnson      307-634-1201

Cathedral Guild President                               Jan McGuire     307-631-3507

Catholic Allies in Truth                                     Mary Boud     307-637-6785

Catholic Charities of Wyoming                        Tim Jurkowski     307-637-0554

Council of Catholic Women                             Angie Milatzo     307-632-0392

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy

Communion                                                   Parish Office     307-635-9261

Fellowship                                                     Renee Cudney     307-635-9261                 

First Friday Fellowship—7:15 am                  Corky Fanning     307-509-0675

Flower and Lawn Ministry                              Ed Boenisch     307-635-1639

Home or Davis Hospice Visits                        Flossie Vance     307-635-9261

JustFaith                                                        Ed Boenisch     307-635-1639

Knights of Columbus
     Grand Knight                                            Tom Sweeney     307-640-0322

     4th Degree—First Tuesday                       Greg Schrader     307-514-4751

Lectors                                                           Carey Hartmann     307-635-9261

Mall of St. Vincent DePaul Store                    Diane Pindara     307-514-0365

Marriag Prep                                                  Susan Simon     307-635-9261

Music Ministry                                                 Patrick Stolz     307-635-9261

Olivet Cemetery/Columbarium                       Toni Schaefer     307-635-9261

Parish Council Members:                                 

     Father August Koeune, Tom Jacobson (Presdient), Ed Avery,Kelsey Kean,         

     Carey Hartmann, Rosemary Barrett, David Ruiz, Ellen Olsen,

     Diane Pindara (St. Vincent DePaul), Maynard Richmeier (Knights of Columbus), Flossie Vance (Cathedral Guild)

Pastoral Care & Health Ministry                     Flossie Vance or Becky Lynch     307-635-9261

Prayerline (24 hours)                                    Pete/Susan Aldana      307-421-9484

Religious Education:

    PreK—6th/RCIC/First Communion           Becky Hart     307-214-4880

    7th—8h/Confirmation                               Nate Thieken     307-757-7766

Right to Life                                                 Chuck/Lisa Provance     307-221-1686

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults             Deacon Carrol     307-635-9261

Rosary for Peace—Every Saturday             Parish Office     307-635-9261

     After the 7:30 am Mass

Sacred Heart Charismatic Fellowship         Pete/Susan Aldana     307-421-9484

Secular Franciscans                                  Liz Todd     307-514-4942

Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites      Mary Lou Smith     307-778-8032

St. Jude’s Prayerline                                  Sue Krouch     307-635-5819

St. Mary’s Catholic School (PreK-8th)        Pat Lane, Principal     307-638-9268

St. Mary’s Cathedral Sunday Nursery        Karen Grady     307-634-0228

Vocation Club—Third Friday                     Charlie Rando     307-635-1319

Vocation Club Luncheon                           Mary Ann Swiatek     307-634-8247

Welcoming Ministry                                   Maria Ward     307-274-2198

Worldwide Marriage Encounter                Tom/Mary Frances     307-577-7456

Youth and Young Adult Ministry                Nate Thieken     307-757-7766


Contact the Office

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